Rural Roots Catering
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About Us


Not Your Average Catering Company

Rural Roots is not your average catering company, the unique feature that separates us from many competitors is our full service, hands-on, coaching approach. Although food is our specialty, we bring the same amount of passion into co-ordinating and planning your event with all its many details. We are a good size company but choose to stay at a size that allows us to respect and treat you with your respective needs instead of treating you like a number and molding you into a specific template.

Every wedding or catering event we assist with is unique and different. Rather than building a blank template that you have to fit into, we have done a fantastic job at systemizing our company and services to manage our client’s difference, wish lists, and needs. It is a completely different approach to work with a sales representative compared to our coaching approach.


Rural Roots provides a full range of services for your event and we work very closely with our clients. By offering our coaching techniques we are here to answer any questions you might have or finalize any last minute details, we are always a phone call or email away.

In regards to planning your wedding or event we become a team and after planning together for a period of time and after a successful event, very often our relationships extend much longer.