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Cooking Classes

Come Cook With Us

Looking to sharpen your culinary skills? Let our team of professionals help!

Whether it be everyday cooking, hosting a dinner party or trying to impress your date we can give you the skills you need to get to the next level.

At Rural Roots Catering we offer focused one-on-one lessons tailored to your specific needs as well as group rates for interactive cooking and chef demos for large group learning.

Don't stop with just the food- wondering what kind of wine you should serve with your beet salad? Looking to impress with a fun cocktail? More of a beer and cider crowd? Let us teach you about beverage pairings and how to elevate your meal with a few easy steps.

Here are some things to consider while planning your personalized cooking experience with us--

The Group Size-

Shy in the kitchen and want to work one-on-one with our chef? No problem. This is a good opportunity for a personalized cooking class. Are you looking for a fun afternoon with family and friends? Large groups make for a fun cooking experience and will make a memory you won't soon forget.

When planning for a large group, the experience can be as interactive and hands on as you would like. Our team can work with you and help you safely cut vegetables, butcher chicken and work the grill, or we can have one of our chefs do a cooking demo for everyone to watch, enjoy, and ask questions.

The possibilities are endless.

The Venue-

Ever want to try working in a commercial kitchen? We have the perfect space for you. Our catering kitchen is equipped with everything needed to efficiently teach you how to make that perfect stock, bake the perfect custard, or fillet a salmon with ease. The best part? Our commercial dishwasher takes less than two minutes to run through an entire cycle!

Prefer the comfort of your own home kitchen? That's no problem either. We can come to you and show you how easy it can be to organize a gourmet meal out of the equipment and appliances you already have in your home.

Make a Day Out Of It-

What better way to finish off a fun afternoon/evening with your friends and family than enjoying a meal together that you all helped prepare! We can tailor a program for you involving an interactive day of cooking finished with everyone sitting down together to dive into a multi-course meal based on what you and your guests prepared that day. Open up a couple bottles of wine and talk about all the new skills developed.




Choosing a Lesson Plan-

The best part about planning a cooking lesson is choosing what you want to learn about. The possibilities are endless, but here are some fun examples;

-Choose a type of cuisine (e.g., Italian, French, Canadian) and we can dial in on specific dishes and beverages

-Hone your technical skills with a knife workshop

-Seasonal and local cooking, what to buy and when to buy it. More importantly, what to do with it

-Hoping to eat healthier but still cook delicious food? Nutritional cooking, and flavour development without using trans fats or refined sugars

-Ingredient lessons; how to cook with a whole chicken and make the most of it, what should you do with a live lobster, or how do you clean fresh artichokes

-How to meal plan, what kind of foods can be prepared in advanced, and what the best things to freeze are

-Backyard BBQ or comfort food. How can you elevate your mac and cheese game? How to best prepare for 20 people coming to your house for an outdoor shindig?

As you can see, there are a lot of options right from the start, maybe you have something you've been dying to learn but haven't had the right opportunity yet. Let us know what you're looking for and we can help!

Kids Classes-

Perfect for birthday parties, sports teams, or grade 3 graduation, we now offer fun afternoons for private groups geared specifically for children. From decorating spooky holiday cookies, getting their hands dirty and making hamburgers, or molding that perfect chocolate peppermint bark we can create an exciting, affordable, and safe day of kitchen vibes for the kids and parents.

Personalized aprons for the kids can be added on. Packages range from simple cooking lessons with lunch to care packages for everyone to take home and enjoy later. At the end of the day everyone leaves with a copy of their recipe and the first steps on a journey to becoming a master chef!