Rural Roots Catering

Partnership With AM BRAIGH FARM

Partnership With AM BRAIGH FARMS


Located just a stones throw from Orangeville Am Braigh Farm is dedicated to providing locally grown flowers, eggs and vegetables using organically sustainable methods. Producing over 30 different types of vegetables over the course of the season. Salad greens, spinach, carrots and eggs are available throughout the 10 months that we are open. 

Rural Roots Catering has partnered with Am Braigh Farm in providing the addition of pre-made soups and entrees. RRC is turning Am Braigh's produce and chicken into ready to eat meals. Every week we visit the farm to pick up what is in season to turn it into a creative offering ranging from soups, gratins, chutneys and many more tasty food offerings that will allow you to continue to savour the taste of Am Braigh all year round.

These offerings can be purchased right at Am Braigh Farm or at our Rural Roots Catering office/kitchen.

Am Braigh Farm Address: 873393 Fifth Line Mono EHS RR# 5 Orangeville


Rural Roots Catering Address: 76 Centennial Road #3 Orangeville