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Services We Provide


We offer a wide range of wedding services for you and pride ourselves on making sure that special day is specifically customized to fit each individual's needs. Looking for a venue? We offer the beautiful Tralee Wedding Facility in Caledon ON as an option for a perfect rural wedding. If that's not for you, have a look at the list of venues we also work out of. We would be happy to assist you along each step of the way. If you already have a venue we can help you with the rest of your planning, whether it be planning your menu, deciding what to do about a bar, how many staff you need, what you need to rent, and how to set it all up. If you have a beautiful property you would like to get married on we are happy to provide a marquee tent and coordinate an exciting outdoor wedding experience.


Winter weddings

Imagine a beautiful winter wonderland out the window as you say “I do”. Consider getting married in our white Ontario winter and treat yourselves and well as your guests to a completely different experience. Have some fun and shoot wedding pictures out in the snow to create memories like no other. If this is something for you, we can suggest some venues for you that will make deciding to get married in the winter an easy choice.


prepared and delivered meals

Planning a dinner for friends or family and need someone to take care of the food? We can help!

Not only do we offer prepared meals with easy reheat instructions, we can even deliver it to your home too.

Why should you consider having your meal taken care of for you? When you have people in your home for a get together instead of spending time in the kitchen you can spend time entertaining and catching up with them. What about after everyone is done eating and it's time to cleanup? We offer a full service drop off and can also provide you with plate, cutlery, and glassware rentals so you don't have to worry about doing the dishes.


cocktail parties

Whether it be for Halloween, a birthday party, graduation, or a family reunion, having a fun night with drinks and appetizers can slowly become a lot of work. We can provide you with the help you need to make it nice and smooth. We can set up your bar, bring in tables and linens, take care of all the food, and bring in our team of professionals to provide a hospitable environment for all your guests. The best part? You don't have to worry about the cleanup afterwards!


Corporate Lunches

If you're looking to have a staff lunch but don't want to drag everyone out of the office we can help! We can provide you with what you're looking for, whether it be platters of sandwiches, a pot of soup, bowls of salads, a tray of pasta, or roast chicken. You don't need a special occasion to enjoy a meal together, we can even deliver it right to your door if needed. Give us a call and let's discuss some different options.



When it's time to plan that special event, and you're looking for someone to bartend, or you need a couple of servers to deliver food and wine to your guests, we can provide you with what you need. Our staff are all WSIB insured and Smart Serve certified.